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Things that add up to gorgeous: passion, thoughtful nutrition, an independent spirit... and oh, anything that reminds us of summer. Enter entrepreneur Sophie Milrom, founder of EatPops in New York City. She serves up nutrient-dense smoothies and juices disguised as delicious popsicles, which is basically the smartest snack idea we've ever tried. 

Sophie's light bulb moment happened when she was cramming for the New York State bar exam. "Although I loved feeling rejuvenated by kale smoothies, I didn't have enough time or energy to make them at home. I also didn't want to risk buying more than one $10 bottled-fresh beverage at a time, since they go bad in 24 hours," she says. "I realized that by freezing juices and smoothies, I could bridge the gap between nutritionally-lacking options in the grocery store and expensive, inconvenient drinks from a juice shop."

Sophie soon realized she had a viable business concept and spent weeks pureeing different combinations of fruits and vegetables, experimenting with everything from kale and spinach to acai and goji berries. Today, EatPops offers 8 flavors—including Glow, Green Detox, Hydrate, and Cleanse—and is sold at WholeFoods, Amazon Fresh, Babette's Feast and smaller retailers. 

Hungry now? Sophie whipped up a special beauty-boosting popsicle recipe for The Wink. Enjoy!

Photography: Meredith Jenks | Words: Alix Light Perez | Hair and Makeup: Tsipporah Liebman | Food Stylist: Allison Attenborugh | Prop Stylist: Sarah Smart

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