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Erin and Sara Foster

Smart, beautiful, and hilarious, Erin and Sara Foster are true Hollywood insiders, having grown up with a legendary music producer father, David Foster—plus a whole slew of famous extended family. As they gear up for the second season of VH1’s faux-reality show Barely Famous (returning Spring 2016), the sisters/co-stars sat down with us to talk social media, makeup, and how to be famous.

The Wink: Let’s talk about famous people getting stalked by paparazzi. There’s a scene in the first season of Barely Famous where Sara’s publicist arranges for a paparazzi shoot at a gas station. Does this really happen?
Erin Foster:
A lot of people really do set up those paparazzi moments. You’re pumping gas in heels because you called a photographer and asked him to show up.
Sara Foster: And then you complain about it. We wanted to take a stab at that, but in a comedic way, obviously.

TW: These staged ‘real life’ moments put a lot of pressure on women to look camera-ready 24/7. How have reality TV and social media impacted the standards for appropriate everyday beauty?
Reality stars are never in their natural state. And you’re right. It does raise the bar for expectations in people’s own lives. If you watch them and think, “I don’t look like that in the morning.” Well, nobody looks like that in the morning.

TW: But now my bank teller is wearing false lash strips all the time…
Everyone’s on, all the time.
Sara: Everyone’s waiting to be discovered!
Erin: And that’s what our show tries to make fun of.

TW: Let’s talk about your personal beauty regimens—how do you get ready in real life?
I always do at least one thing. If your hair looks nice, you can get away with no makeup. Or if you put your hair in a bun, you’ve got to put on a little bit of mascara.
Sara: I always want to look natural. I love a sun-kissed healthy look, when the cheeks are flushed and the lips are nude. I like the just-on-vacation-for-a-week look, but a lot of women don’t.
Erin: Right.
Sara: A lot of women want to look like…
Erin: Glaaamorous.

TW: What are your favorite beauty products?
We both use coconut oil a lot. I use it in my hair twice a week. I used the Clinique [Bottom Lash] mascara today on my bottom lashes. The little wand is cool. And I really like the Clinique [Airbrush Concealer] brightener.
Sara: The [Airbrush Concealer] automatically took my eyes and opened them up. Who knew concealer could do that?

TW: Growing up, did you share beauty secrets?
I learn my skincare tips from Sara, and Sara learns her makeup tips from me.
Sara: Erin taught me how to do eyeliner, by wetting the brush. I’m trying to instill in her the importance of taking care of your skin before it’s too late.

TW: Do you have any past beauty mistakes you regret?
Sara: I have such small eyes. But in high school, I would go to the mirror, take eye liner, and do under, everywhere, all around. My eyes? You couldn’t see them.
Erin: I used to do a smoky eye every day, which is insane. I would wear way too much makeup.
Sara: You used to wear way too much makeup. Nobody should be in full makeup at 10 AM unless they’re going to a photo shoot.

Photography: Jane Houle | Words: Ning Chao

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