What Makes You Happy?

We’re celebrating Happy Day! The fact that there's an official “Happy Day,” December 9th, shouldn’t be too surprising—our upbeat, glass-half-full vibe is genuine. It all started with the launch of Happy in 1997 as an antidote to the cynical outlook that came with the infamous grunge trend. Everyone was indeed ready to reconnect with their smile. 

Technically, lots of things make someone happy. Our sense of smell is directly connected to the emotional processing part of our brain; science says that scents such as grapefruit and white florals are uplifting. Consensus says that feelings like ones of accomplishment are also linked to feelings of happiness. The overarching truth, of course, is that day to day, living our lives, happiness is subjective. Though it’s safe to say we can learn a thing or two about being happy by observing the happiness of others.

We asked four generally super-joyful people: What makes them happy? Read on, and then check out their Instagram feeds. We bet that some days they wake up like that. And other days, they spray Happy on their sheets before they go to bed.

Hey, Vogue Williams, model/DJ/tv presenter/radio host! What makes you happy?
“What makes me happy is my family and friends [who] have always been the constant in my life,” says Vogue. “We all go through ups and downs, but no matter what, I know I always have their love, support and help.”

Erika Fox, you’re an Irish blogger living in NYC. What makes you happy?
“What makes me happy? Having the opportunity to spend the lead-up to Christmas in New York City,” says Erika. “It’s like something out of a movie!”

What makes you happy, blogger and YouTuber Rachel Martino?
“Happiness is a state of mind. I try and remember how lucky I am every day and smile!” says Rachel.

Oh hi, photographer Kimberly Genevieve. What makes you happy?
“In no particular order: hiking to the Hollywood sign, iced chai lattes, the Sunset Strip, my dog Dolly Parton, palm trees, the beach, road trips, lemonade, new projects, achieving my goals, bright colors, Palm Springs, meeting new creative people, outdoor concerts, my family, my man, photographing, and Mexican food.”

Photos (from top to bottom): Adriana CurcioRicky Gibb, Erika Fox, Christina Shields, Kimberly Genevieve.    

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